About Steve 

Born:                   10 January 1971

Married to:       Shuly Morrish

Children:           2 daughters

highlights:        Victoria Police,                                                                                                         SISHA International,                                                                                               SMCS RISK






Steve is a business leader and philanthropist who grew up in East Keilor, Victoria. He dropped out of secondary college at the end of Year 10 to start an apprenticeship before he followed his fathers footsteps and joined Victoria Police. Steve left the police force in 2005 and moved to Cambodia where he founded SISHA International, a charity working towards assisting trafficked, exploited and sexually abused women and children. Steve married Sophary Chhut (aka Shuly) in 2010 and they have two daughters, Theary and Isabella.  

Today Steve & Shuly own and operate SMCS Risk Ltd, a risk management, business & training solutions company and also co-chair their private foundation, Build For Dreams, working towards improving the lives of impoverished men, women and children.





Victoria Police


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